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Going the Distance...

Diann’s immense experience as an event producer and love expert has made one fact clear: people want love but aren’t always prepared for a healthy, high-functioning relationship.

Going The Distance For Love was created to be part of the solution. This book takes women on a journey that will prepare them for a true happily ever after. Get ready to heal hurts, mine for the best version of yourself and find the courage to try something new. Whether you're unhappily single, or married, this read will help you identify the root causes of unhealthy relationship cycles and begin working towards truly having it all. Ready for a real change? It’s time to go the distance for YOU.

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Sex and attraction are often the leading topics in relationship books but what I love about this one in particular is Diann digs deep into the work of self love, friendship and wisdom that form a unique foundation for you to build a solid romantic relationship that's destined to last forever.

- April Daniels, Wife of LaShawn Daniels and Diann Valentine Bride