About DV

Diann Valentine is a creator, innovator, entrepreneur, mother and wife. Still, there’s one title that anchors all of these relationships, and that’s the role of friend. Insightful by nature, Valentine has used her superb interpersonal skills to build an impressive brand around supporting women as they celebrate, nurture and find love as well as build their new homes. Most known for her jaw-dropping celebrity and television weddings, this industry veteran has expanded her array of clientele across four continents through servicing corporate clients and high net worth individuals. Be it designing fish tank dance floors, visceral transformations or opulent private estates, Valentine is always providing new visual adventures for her clients and the industry.

As a Love Expert, Diann takes women on a journey that will prepare them for a true happily ever after. Diann gets you ready to heal hurts, mine for the best version of yourself and find the courage to try something new whether you are unhappily single, or married. Diann helps you identify the root causes of unhealthy relationship cycles and begin working towards truly having it all.

As a Television Host, Diann has been a dream fulfiller, hosting three wedding shows and serving as a featured expert on an array of celebrity, lifestyle, interior design and news programs. Her latest stint is Bravo TV’s Love Expert on To Rome For Love. As a media talent and speaker, Diann is electrifying, inspirational and insightful.

With many titles, roles and responsibilities, Valentine is just getting started.