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Best Moments of 2014!

I truly left behind 2013 in every way imaginable. I started this year with new hope and an expectation of something great and great new beginnings, new opportunities and new blessings is what I received. I am reminded of how powerful our words are for we speak our futures into existence every day with every conversation we have both with others and ourselves. No, I did not achieve all of my goals or reach the insurmountable height I sought after but my decisions, risks and courage did move me forward in my journey. I’ve been professionally challenged from the growth that was necessary to get me through this year. I have lost loved ones and beautiful souls that have transitioned on to the next life, leaving me with great memories but an emptiness that I’m not sure will ever dissipate. I’ve witnessed joy, excitement, elation, defeat, sorrow, pain, humility and devastation but these are the emotions that make up a life well lived and I would not have it any other way. As I look to 2015, I am relentlessly optimistic as I know I have sowed good seeds and I’m looking for my God to grow them and send the harvest but first I must continue my ‘own’ tradition of looking back on some of the greatest moments of 2014. Come along for the ride!

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Join me in Beverly Hills, CA at Panache Bridal #YESIDO

Join us for a private cocktail party with Diann Valentine as she shares her insider wedding tips and previews her latest signature wedding accessory, The Morgan Cuff. Enjoy Hennessy signature cocktails, tantalizing treats, surprise give-a-ways and your chance to win a “Morgan Cuff”.  Come out, try on the new Morgan Cuff and “tweet” all about it! This unique bridal cuff is a bride’s answer to the traditional bridal bouquet. As […]

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The Best of 2013!

This has been one of the most challenging years of my life with so much personal and professional struggle. Ups and downs and highs and lows were just a consistent road I found myself on swiftly moving from mountaintop to valley with a blinking of my eyes. Change was the surrounding message I heard as I forged through the dark days – major changes that would change the trajectory of my life and remind me that I am a risk-taker, fearless and tenacious soul and that God has already given me everything I need to return to “HAPPY”. Throughout this new kind of journey, I know that I have been blessed. God has kept me and continued to show me favor in all areas of my life. Although I welcomed the end of 2013, I cannot move forward without acknowledging the victories of this past year so I’m sharing them with you with hopes that you will know like never before that we are all on the same journey, experiencing the same struggles as we strive to leave our mark on the world so that when someone reads our obituary – all of the people we have impacted will say ‘She Was Here’!

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4 Years and Counting!

My husband Damon Haley and I celebrated our 4th anniversary on Saturday night. We usually spend our anniversary and bring in the new year in a different country engulfed in diverse culture, amazing food and learning new customs from around the globe but this year we decided to celebrate at home in an intimate dinner party with our families and closest friends.

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It’s Holiday Season at Just Extensions!

The air is brisk, the malls are packed, Christmas carols are ringing throughout every business I seem to visit and aromas of cinnamon and Pumpkin spice fill the air affirming that the holiday season is here. Since assisting Just Extensions with the interior design of their commercial space, the DVLW team continues to return and work on other creative projects for them so this weekend we designed and installed their holiday décor.

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DV’s Bridal Market Favorites!

The Fall Bridal Market in NYC is one of my favorite times of the year for our industry as we get to drool over all of the newest in bridal fashions, catch up with great friends, meet new friends and get in a little NYC shopping. This year’s market did not disappoint and offered something for every woman in love. Here are a few of my favorite moments from this year’s market…salivate with me!

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Light It Up!

This week’s video tip is about using lighting to make your next celebration glow. Great lighting not only makes a room gorgeous but it can always make people look better and lighting can hide a multitude of sins!

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Flaunt Your Flavor!

This week’s video tip is about selecting the menu for your wedding reception. Gone are the days of playing it safe with your menu by trying to accommodate everyone’s taste buds as today’s celebrations are all about offering your guests a few beautiful surprises to tantalize their senses.

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Tom Ford Turns 52!

My muse – the uber-talented Tom Ford turns 52 today! Not looking a day over 40, this creative genius is likely relishing in the life that he carefully protects to maintain what is most important to him. I’ve been thinking all day about the kind of celebration I would throw if his celebration were in my hands and I keep narrowing in on simple elegance, sophisticated and sexy. So here are a few of the elements on my wish list to create the perfect party for the brilliant designer that has inspired so many of my own creative moments:

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When it comes to photos of events, people always seem to want to see the most glamorous ones or the ones that convey the big picture. Personally, my favorite photos are the ones that show the details. They give you peek inside the heart and soul of an event and tell their own special story. Please allow me to share with you a few of my favorite DVLW details.

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