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Tip of the Week

Light It Up!

This week’s video tip is about using lighting to make your next celebration glow. Great lighting not only makes a room gorgeous but it can always make people look better and lighting can hide a multitude of sins!

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Tiffany Tuesdays: Step Two!

Hello All – Last week I discussed how my main goal for this year is to define, promote and grow DVLW Brides, and explained how step one was expanding our California presence. This week I want to set in motion step two; creating a new product. With that in mind we have created what we call our GET STARTED CONSULTATION Wedding Package!

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Tip of the Week: Here I Am!

I’ve often contemplated the reasoning behind the bridal bouquet! Women spend a small fortune on the finest couture gown of her life and then chooses an accessory that may cover the most beautiful and intricate details on this fashion masterpiece! Quite a dilemma wouldn’t you agree? In my quest to protect the integrity that designers bestow into these gorgeous wedding gowns, I have strived to design complementary bouquets that avoid covering up the best assets on a gown…unless of course covering up is precisely what is needed!

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Tip of the Week: My Next Incarnation of the Candy Bar!

The popularity of candy bars has every bride asking for apothecary jars filled with miniature snicker bars and color-coordinated jelly bellies. I empathize with bride’s enthusiasm as I designed my first candy bar with the help of Dylan’s Candy Bar at Nas and Kelis’ 2005 nuptials. Lauren Dylan created custom chocolate molds of music inspired that included musical notes, miniature microphones and CD’s. In addition, she brought in white chocolate and milk chocolate fountains along with a few classic childhood favorites consisting of milk chocolate and almond candy bars, chocolate kisses and yes personalized M&M’s. As I’ve watched this trend grow in popularity and become more conventional, I have been eagerly anticipating its next incarnation.

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Tip of the Week: Send A Little Love!

Life has a way of overwhelming and filling our calendars and disconnecting us more and more from the people that matter the most. I know I am not alone with my feelings of guilt from moving so fast and failing miserably with staying in touch? My latest venture will help us all do better. I am thrilled to announce my first greeting card through a partnership with Tiny Prints, Inc. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, this delightful fashion forward greeting is the perfect way to send a little love to all of the girlfriends that build us up and keep us living the fabulous life. And to sweeten the pie even more, we are offering 50% off to every member of the Diann Valentine family

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Tip of the Week: Is Schadenfreude in Your DNA?

I am often mesmerized by the public’s fascination with ‘celebrity’. The media has been very good to me throughout my career but I am also quite afraid of them. I’ve witnessed countless stories of the paparazzi building the entire careers of ‘unknowns’ and then use that same power to diminish the most talented creative geniuses to no more than a headline. I’ve worked tirelessly to protect my client’s rights to keep their wedding celebrations and their personal lives free from opinion and ridicule. After legendary Teena Marie’s untimely and tragic death, I was surfing on-line and stumbled upon a headline announcing that TMZ had the 911 recording of her daughter’s call after finding her mother’s lifeless body in their home. I chose NOT to go to the site or listen to this disgusting display of the media’s power play to get more hits. Instead I engaged in an intriguing conversation with one of the DV Brand Team Visionaries about the state of our world. Our conversation is a testament to the brilliant leadership that I have steering my course and I hope his wisdom can get me through unscathed. So the million dollar question today is – Is Schadenfreude in your DNA?

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Giving is Gratitude!

On a recent overnight excursion to Chicago, I accompanied my friend D. Micah to a taping of the Oprah Winfrey Show. He was invited as one of Oprah’s Ultimate Fans and ‘Ultimate Fan’ is really an understatement. The show we attended happened to be one of her last ‘Favorite Things’ episodes. As I sat in amazement watching all of her guests almost lose it with excitement I couldn’t help but feel unworthy to receive all of these wonderful surprises. It was not until the end of the taping that I came to grips with my purpose for accepting his invitation. The blessing for me was not in receiving the gifts (although I am truly grateful) but rather it was witnessing the gift of giving. So in honor of Lady O and in celebration of Thanksgiving, I share with you a few of my personal heroes that inspire me to be more and do more!

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Tip of the Week: Translation of Inspiration!

Fashion genius Tom Ford has been my muse for many years. While at the helm of Gucci, he redefined feminine sexuality with a masculine edge like no other designer before his time. I have always been intrigued with his use of sleek lines, predominantly black silhouettes and the relation between these elements that manifest into captivating fashion moments for women around the globe. When the occasion called for me to design my own engagement party invitation – I immediately thought – ‘what would Tom Ford do’? He would keep it clean, sexy and all about love!

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Tip of the Week: Finishing Touches!

A gorgeous room is often anchored with a series of beautiful tables that usher in a celebratory atmosphere. There is no better reward for a true designer than observing as invited guests ascend into a space and gasp with astonishment from the splendor that engulfs them. I designed my first ‘X’ table while shooting TNT’s Wedding Day at The Riviera Country Club in Pacific Palisades. The enormous family style setting comprised of lush florals from Shirvan Designs, custom linens and chair covers from Wildflower Linens and custom designed placemats from artist PeQue enveloped the ballroom. However, it is the smallest details such as the custom napkin ring I designed for Martin Lawrence’s summer wedding that became the icing on the cake.

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