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#MCM…Viktor & Rolf

#MCM – Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren, the Creative Directors behind the fashion house Viktor & Rolf because their vision for fashion inspired my largest and most memorable project of 2012. …Because they operate from the pure desire of self-expression. …Because they admittedly struggled for the first five years of launching their couture fashion house with presenting themselves in an art form related context rather than in a fashion context. …Because they have admitted that they control everything understanding that ‘win or lose’ it is their own vision that is represented in their brand. Everything. Not just exhibitions, also collections, perfumes, everything. Of course, like any successful artist they work with and respect their team but they’re involved in everything they do. …Because they live and work in Amsterdam and understand that their best work comes from an isolated atmosphere and they understand that they do not need the fashion world to create.

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Kile’s World 5K…Join The Movement!

Kile’s World is a non-profit organization started by Kile Glover’s mother Tameka Raymond to help underprivileged kids get better access to the arts. A gift to Kile’s World Foundation does more than finance a camper’s tuition. It makes dreams come true for a child who wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to cultivate their artistic talents. Tameka lost Kile following a tragic boating accident in July of 2012. Kile was an exceptionally bright child who was always engulfed in an artistic musical project when I saw him. I too miss his presence.

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The Best of 2013!

This has been one of the most challenging years of my life with so much personal and professional struggle. Ups and downs and highs and lows were just a consistent road I found myself on swiftly moving from mountaintop to valley with a blinking of my eyes. Change was the surrounding message I heard as I forged through the dark days – major changes that would change the trajectory of my life and remind me that I am a risk-taker, fearless and tenacious soul and that God has already given me everything I need to return to “HAPPY”. Throughout this new kind of journey, I know that I have been blessed. God has kept me and continued to show me favor in all areas of my life. Although I welcomed the end of 2013, I cannot move forward without acknowledging the victories of this past year so I’m sharing them with you with hopes that you will know like never before that we are all on the same journey, experiencing the same struggles as we strive to leave our mark on the world so that when someone reads our obituary – all of the people we have impacted will say ‘She Was Here’!

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4 Years and Counting!

My husband Damon Haley and I celebrated our 4th anniversary on Saturday night. We usually spend our anniversary and bring in the new year in a different country engulfed in diverse culture, amazing food and learning new customs from around the globe but this year we decided to celebrate at home in an intimate dinner party with our families and closest friends.

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The air is brisk, the malls are packed, Christmas carols are ringing throughout every business I seem to visit and aromas of cinnamon and Pumpkin spice fill the air affirming that the holiday season is here. Since assisting Just Extensions with the interior design of their commercial space, we continue to return and work on other creative projects for them so this weekend we designed and installed their holiday décor.

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It Finally Feels Like Fall!

With Halloween a fond memory with a lingering tummy ache in our lives, it finally feels like fall. I love the holidays because it gives me an excuse to play with some new home décor and party ideas. While everyone naturally assumes that all of my entertaining at home is a major production, I actually look for simple affordable ways to roll in the holidays and entertain in style. I will admit that I get bored with design elements really quickly. Therefore, I always design my house for the holidays in phases so I can switch out items and live with certain items for only a week or two and not feel bad when I retire them. So I’m going to let you in on a few of the items I’m looking at this holiday season to get me and my loved ones in a festive mood!

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Tiffany Tuesdays – Milestone Events

As designers whenever we have milestone events in our friends or family members lives, we tend to want to go over board and make things more complicated than necessary. Sometimes ‘over the top’ is too much and it is best to keep it simple. That’s what we did for my best friend’s baby shower and it turned out great.

Instead of getting carried away with the baby theme we decided to go for floral elegance. A few tissue paper flowers, several simple flower arrangements, and ta-da we were done. Check out our finished product below and let me know your thoughts.

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Tom Ford Turns 52!

My muse – the uber-talented Tom Ford turns 52 today! Not looking a day over 40, this creative genius is likely relishing in the life that he carefully protects to maintain what is most important to him. I’ve been thinking all day about the kind of celebration I would throw if his celebration were in my hands and I keep narrowing in on simple elegance, sophisticated and sexy. So here are a few of the elements on my wish list to create the perfect party for the brilliant designer that has inspired so many of my own creative moments:

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Finding Creative Inspiration in Bangkok!

I spend a great deal of my life traveling – both professionally and personally. While exploring the world, I intentionally engulf myself in these foreign cultures by developing friendships with locals, indulging in authentic cuisine and most importantly embracing the authentic design of a country so that I can somehow learn, extrapolate and find my own inspiration for the many design projects I am working on. My current trip to the continent of Asia has been no different. My first stop in Bangkok was extremely culturally relevant. With many Americans settling in Bangkok Post-Vietnam War after realizing they were not as exuberantly welcomed back to America, Thailand embraces Westerners in a manner that is both genuinely accepting and graciously hospitable. With tremendous British influence, English is widely spoken making it very easy to maneuver throughout the city.

Aside from shopping – Bangkok is one of the few cities where the value of the dollar is very strong – I was anxious to soak up the knowledge from some of the biggest attractions in the city. The Grand Palace and home of the Emerald Buddha is by far the most popular attraction in Bangkok and delivers sensory overload dripping with opulence, gold, ethereal energy and spiritual nuances that makes this the highlight of my visit.

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Diann Valentine Teams Up With Tamra Barney!

I’m thrilled to announce that I will be teaming up with Tamra Barney, one of the stars of the Real Housewives of Orange County to design and produce her summer wedding to Eddie Judge. Tamra and Eddie have great chemistry and a love for life and the best thing is that both of them have been open to new and non-traditional ideas that will make their celebration truly unique. Tamra has shared so many of her life’s transitions with TV viewers and she is thrilled to allow them to share in this next milestone in her life. The Bravo cameras will be following her journey and our collaboration on an intensely tight schedule for her own spinoff show documenting her upcoming wedding that will air in the fall!

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