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A Cali Christmas!

I know I have not written in a while but it has been a long, busy and arduous emotional year. Thankfully, things are finally winding down and feeling almost back to normal or should I say my ‘new normal’. Writing has proven to be great therapy as it helps me quiet the voices in my head giving my thoughts instant life and relieving me of the continuous banter swirling in my head […]

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Announcing The Ignite Experience – Houston!

The Ignite Experience curriculum will inspire the development, learning, understanding and application of creative excellence. Ms. Valentine will be available throughout the day for high-power, one-on-one interaction as she shares her insights on creating a systemic approach to gaining enrollment from clients, colleagues and co-workers as it relates to ‘seeing’, considering, accepting and placing a premium on creative, out-of-the-box ideas and concepts.

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Happy New Year Deconstructed!

Ebony Magazine invited me to share with them my interpretation of a New Year’s Girlfriends Brunch so I invited a few of my best girlfriends Sheree Fletcher, April Daniels, Shamicka Raymond, Tichina Arnold and Tameka Raymond to hop on a plane and join me in Miami as I brought this story to life.

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Best Moments of 2014!

I truly left behind 2013 in every way imaginable. I started this year with new hope and an expectation of something great and great new beginnings, new opportunities and new blessings is what I received. I am reminded of how powerful our words are for we speak our futures into existence every day with every conversation we have both with others and ourselves. No, I did not achieve all of my goals or reach the insurmountable height I sought after but my decisions, risks and courage did move me forward in my journey. I’ve been professionally challenged from the growth that was necessary to get me through this year. I have lost loved ones and beautiful souls that have transitioned on to the next life, leaving me with great memories but an emptiness that I’m not sure will ever dissipate. I’ve witnessed joy, excitement, elation, defeat, sorrow, pain, humility and devastation but these are the emotions that make up a life well lived and I would not have it any other way. As I look to 2015, I am relentlessly optimistic as I know I have sowed good seeds and I’m looking for my God to grow them and send the harvest but first I must continue my ‘own’ tradition of looking back on some of the greatest moments of 2014. Come along for the ride!

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Introducing the Evolution of the Bridal Bouquet!

Diann Valentine prepares to officially launch the Diann Valentine Signature Bridal Cuff during Bridal Market in NYC, which has become one of the top trending bridal accessories to hit the US bridal market. Diann is wrapping a 5-city tour before settling in New York to meet with buyers to share why so many women across the globe are embracing her evolution of the bridal bouquet. The highly sought after wedding designer […]

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#TransformationTuesday – Right On Time!

Maybe I am the only one who has ever been in this place but in these words I found ‘my joy’ because they remind me God has no sense of time and He only brings our dreams to pass in His perfect time. Transformation is learning to enjoy the journey because the journey is always right on time! #DVDidIt

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#MakeItGoodMonday – Architecture Is Music!

Every space has a spirit, r rhythm and a voice.  When venue shopping, keep in mind Goethe’s declaration that “architecture is frozen music.”  So, as I look at a church or private estate, I also listen.  I take in the walls, doorways, moldings, light fixtures – I never fight the architecture, whether art nouveau or rococo.  I never work against the aura of a space.  I listen for the song. […]

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#SoulfulSunday – Because of Her Love!

#SoulfulSunday She taught me how to fall to my knees and seek God in all situations that life would throw at me. To develop a sincere compassion for people and those less fortunate than I. To show loving kindness towards all of mankind regardless of what they show me. To remain humble with a meek spirit because that is Christ like but also to walk through this world as bold as a lion because I am a child of the king. I am because of Her L-O-V-E! #DVDidIt #HappyMothersDay

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The truth is that none of us likes being wrong and certainly not admitting when we are wrong but my greatest life lessons have come from my Mom and my path to transformation started when I decided that she actually knew more than I did. We all have our own lives to live and journeys to take but there is so much wisdom that is passed down from great women in our lives. Are you listening?

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