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Tip of the Week: Pain Fuels the Passion!

So often I am asked where I find inspiration. My interpretation of love and environments stems from a vast number of life occurrences but it is always through a deep piercing within my heart. I recently discovered the masterfully accomplished artist Tim Cantor as my BFF and I strolled through boutiques and art galleries in Sausalito on a brisk Sunday afternoon. The work of Tim Cantor is overwhelmingly distinctive, compelling, and powerful. His luxuriant utilization of color is captivating to say the least. It is magical with an enchanting beauty that allows one to deeply connect with the imagery. Underneath this imagery lies a deep story that seems to capture feelings of peace, sorrow, loss, failure, triumph, tragedy and pure honesty.

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Tip of the Week: First Impressions!

The initial greeting when someone walks into your space will likely some up their thoughts of you in 30 seconds. Some spaces exude passion, others conservatism and some even leave you questioning – so exactly what do they do here? The communal areas are one of my favorite spaces to design in commercial projects for they are so much more than a waiting room with seating – therein lays my unique opportunity to drive home the interpretation of their story. This Casino Royale chandelier from Kravitz Design and Swarovski demonstrates this organizations keen eye for style and unmatched commitment to excellence.

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Tip of the Week: Step to Me!

My daughter Riann lives in a gorgeous loft apartment Downtown LA near her college campus, FIDM.  Her building is owned by Kor Group and all of the communal areas are under renovation by none other than Kelly Wearstler.  On a recent visit I was astounded by the newly laid marble in the main lobby.  I’m sure you will agree that Carrera marble is dazzling although commonly used but it was […]

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Tip of the week: The Gateway to the Heart & Soul!

I’m sure most have heard the expression – ‘the eyes are the gateway to the soul’. Well in this same vein, I believe that the eyes are the gateway to the heart and soul of a woman in love, a residence screaming for rejuvenation and ultimately the secrets that a designer uses to interpret the nucleus of any design project. The eye of this abalone lion was used to elucidate the core for a private bar in a gentleman’s home and so much more. It told the story of his resilience as a young man and now a successful business man; it reflected the image of his own father and remains a symbolism of his authority over his own destiny!

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Missoni Food & Friends!

Beautiful tables beg for beautiful flowers but rather than create the perfect tablescape or contrived centerpiece, I prefer to create design motifs that complement the overall room as well as the table. For this dinner, I chose to add oversized floral and architectural elements in front of each place setting. The Phalenopsis Orchids were beautifully bloomed and caught my eye as I perused the flower mart on Saturday morning so they became my choice for the night. The eclectic mix of elements was unpredictable yet fascinatingly pleasing to the eye.

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Tip of the week: Who is your muse?

The word muse originates from Greek mythology. If the muse loved a man, then the man’s worries instantly disappeared. The man who was loved by the muse was considered to be more sacred than a holy man. Throughout the history of the arts, men and women alike have credited their muses for their inspiration.

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Harper’s Bazaar features WEtv Wedding Report

I am thrilled to have joined the WEtv family and even more thrilled to share with you this incredible profile featured in the April issue of Harper’s Bazaar! I particularly love this piece because it communicates my stance on wedding traditions – as the writer put it…”wedding and event producer Diann Valentine has built her reputation by doing things just a bit differently.”

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Tip Of The Week: Leave A Little Love!

Each environmental design project I’m blessed with, challenges me to identify an opportunity to leave behind a subtle yet signature Diann Valentine insignia.  Hearts – although may seem a bit contrived, embody my name, exude my passion for creating joy through creative expression and subconsciously engulfs a room with the love that I embed into every design.  In this private relaxation room, a side table gracefully flaunted my delight in […]

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Tip Of The Week: Sizzle!

Modern glamour, sensuality and floss can be found in just about every Diann Valentine environment.  Crystals – although a bit overdone – consistently invigorate my senses.  The confidence in which light hits each crystal and finds its way to the smallest sparkle –  cracks my heart, opens my consciousness and stays with me forever.  The light is so powerful that it pierces the soul of all who recognize it.  Crystals […]

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Tip Of The Week: Closets Even Want To Have Fun

Eclecticism is a term used frequently to express the combining of different patterns, textures, periods and finishes.  It is often used as a negative connotation to emphasize the breaking of a rule.  I do not believe in succumbing to tradition and I’m constantly on the quest to produce excitement through my own creative tug of war.  I create this excitement in aesthetics through the contradictions of ‘what is’ and what’s […]

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