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The Valentine Cuff Heads to Oakland!

Hello Gorgeous – So you’re newly engaged or helping one of your best girlfriends who is engulfed in planning the greatest celebration of her life. Scouring through a plethora of bridal magazines, reading every wedding blog you can find and hunting through tons of Pinterest boards looking for something unique that will give your celebration a character of its own. Look no further for The Valentine Cuff is the answer […]

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Introducing the Evolution of the Bridal Bouquet!

Diann Valentine prepares to officially launch the Diann Valentine Signature Bridal Cuff during Bridal Market in NYC, which has become one of the top trending bridal accessories to hit the US bridal market. Diann is wrapping a 5-city tour before settling in New York to meet with buyers to share why so many women across the globe are embracing her evolution of the bridal bouquet. The highly sought after wedding designer […]

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Join me in Beverly Hills, CA at Panache Bridal #YESIDO

Join us for a private cocktail party with Diann Valentine as she shares her insider wedding tips and previews her latest signature wedding accessory, The Morgan Cuff. Enjoy Hennessy signature cocktails, tantalizing treats, surprise give-a-ways and your chance to win a “Morgan Cuff”.  Come out, try on the new Morgan Cuff and “tweet” all about it! This unique bridal cuff is a bride’s answer to the traditional bridal bouquet. As […]

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Introducing Diann Valentine Home to Munaluchi Brides!

When Jacqueine Nwobu and Munaluchi Bride came to LA as part of their national tour, I was honored to host the special soiree and lend my voice to support my dear friend along her journey. I have watched her build her magazine and brand over the years and nothing brings me more joy that watching it flourish. As I contemplated DVLW’s presence at her LA tour stop, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to introduce Diann Valentine Home to the Munaluchi Bride.

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#TransformationTuesday – Fall In Love!

It took me a lot of living and a lot of pain to finally be ready to receive this kind of love. I’ve witnessed countless love stories and many that I knew were doomed from the beginning but ladies you cannot rush love. Somehow I think that many of us can only discover our worthiness for a love like this only after we have been through enough awful love affairs…I know I learned this the hard way but oooooooh weeeee my baby was worth the wait!

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#WeddingWednesday Diann Valentine Signature Bridal Cuffs Are The New Bouquet!

Flowers are beautiful kisses of nature…they are one of God’s gifts that add beauty and color to the world. Flowers are also beautiful design accents for weddings but should not be the star on any woman’s wedding day. As a bride makes her way down the aisle, her flowers should be a beautiful accent to her gown and not an enormous barrier that blocks everyone’s view of her couture masterpiece. Many of my clients and brides around the world are embracing my cuffs for this very reason and today I’m honoring a few of the ladies who have been bold enough to choose this alternative and loved it so much more than a traditional bouquet.

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#WeddingWednesday – Take It For A Swing!

As Tamra and Eddie Judge’s wedding was starting to wind down and it was time to cut the cake, Tamra decided to take it for a swing and sent her confectionery work of art perched on the suspended cake stand I designed flying in the air. At the moment, I thought I was going to choke because I had visions of cake smashing into Gretchen or worst yet one of her adorable daughters. However, looking back – this is one of the moments that shows why I loved working with Tamra so much. She throws caution to the wind and SHE lives. How many of you are willing to do the same?

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The Best of 2013!

This has been one of the most challenging years of my life with so much personal and professional struggle. Ups and downs and highs and lows were just a consistent road I found myself on swiftly moving from mountaintop to valley with a blinking of my eyes. Change was the surrounding message I heard as I forged through the dark days – major changes that would change the trajectory of my life and remind me that I am a risk-taker, fearless and tenacious soul and that God has already given me everything I need to return to “HAPPY”. Throughout this new kind of journey, I know that I have been blessed. God has kept me and continued to show me favor in all areas of my life. Although I welcomed the end of 2013, I cannot move forward without acknowledging the victories of this past year so I’m sharing them with you with hopes that you will know like never before that we are all on the same journey, experiencing the same struggles as we strive to leave our mark on the world so that when someone reads our obituary – all of the people we have impacted will say ‘She Was Here’!

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Love Above All Returns in Grand Style!

Every year on Valentine’s Day, the Empire State Building gives three lucky couples a chance to tie the knot at this historic landmark. If you believe your love should culminate at this magical location, which also happens to be where my friend Preston Bailey married his love Theo – submit your own creative video pleading your case of why you deserve this storybook ceremony. You can be one of the lucky couples to marry along with 24 of your closest guests. And this year, the Empire State Building is teaming up with one of my favorite online stores – Red Envelope. Red Envelope will be hosting a luxury gifting suite for these winners to make sure they leave with a few amazing items to start their new lives with.

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