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Tiffany Tuesdays – Milestone Events

As designers whenever we have milestone events in our friends or family members lives, we tend to want to go over board and make things more complicated than necessary. Sometimes ‘over the top’ is too much and it is best to keep it simple. That’s what we did for my best friend’s baby shower and it turned out great.

Instead of getting carried away with the baby theme we decided to go for floral elegance. A few tissue paper flowers, several simple flower arrangements, and ta-da we were done. Check out our finished product below and let me know your thoughts.

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When it comes to photos of events, people always seem to want to see the most glamorous ones or the ones that convey the big picture. Personally, my favorite photos are the ones that show the details. They give you peek inside the heart and soul of an event and tell their own special story. Please allow me to share with you a few of my favorite DVLW details.

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I’ve found throughout my career as an event planner and designer, that by default we become expert dessert connoisseurs. Or maybe my expertise comes from being a female raised in the South where desserts are taken very seriously and are an art form of their own. LOL. Either way, desserts are my thing and I LOVE them! One of the best parts of my job is getting to find new bakers to provide excellent desserts for our clients.

My all time favorite cupcakes are from CamiCakes in Atlanta. It is my first stop when I leave the airport…definitely a little slice of heaven. I have always been sad that they do not have a location in Los Angeles and thought there was nothing that could even come close until I stumbled upon a new LA secret, Cupcake Stiletto. Their cupcakes are to die for!

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Tiffany Tuesdays: Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! I love holidays! In addition to the usual reasons people enjoy holidays (family, friends and all that jazz), I treasure them because they give us designers another reason to be creative. I get asked by my friends and clients all the time for ways to decorate for the holidays that are not super expensive but still look great.

So I decided to share a personal event that myself and fellow DVLW team member, Cece Counts, worked on this past weekend that were more in the ‘DIY’ category than our traditional DVLW projects. As you probably can guess, it was for an Easter brunch.

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This magical weekend in Dallas did not end after the gorgeous dinner. The DVLW team worked through the night (literally) to flip the tent into one large Parisian lounge for brunch and a mini birthday celebration for Bishop T.D. Jakes the following day. Tables were swapped out, linens changed, chairs re-configured, lounge furnishings installed, new floral centerpieces, a birthday cake, lots of accessories to finish the space with a residential feel that I deem so incredibly important for any entertaining space, French pastries – oh and let me not forget the French poodles!

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Ring The Bell!

Once the program at the AT&T Performing Arts Center to honor Bishop T.D. Jakes concluded, an intimate group of special guests joined them for a private dinner to continue the celebration of his Triumphant Journey. A two-week installation by the DVLW team that included torrential thunderstorms, landscaping challenges due to weather and some emergency water excavations finally culminated with an awe-inspiring tented dinner. This design was inspired by one of my recent trips to fashion week in Paris. While understanding that this would be a dinner to celebrate Bishop Jakes, I knew that the host of the evening would be Mrs. Jakes and the design should be reflective of a sophisticated woman with phenomenal taste and tremendous love for her husband. Luckily she agreed and with her blessings we designed an evening that mixed classic French motifs with modern edge for a stunning conclusion to a magical evening.

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Reason To Celebrate!

Diann Valentine

When the timeline of your life reads like that of Bishop T. D. Jakes, Sr., there is reason to pause. He has impacted millions of lives through his ministry, music, books, philanthropic work, films and testimony. After 35 years of serving the people, Mrs. Serita A. Jakes, The Potter’s House of Dallas and T.D.J. Enterprises decided it was time to celebrate his journey thus far. Needless to say, I was thrilled and humbled when my favorite Dallas family called on me and the DVLW team to help them celebrate in style.

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A Beautiful Surprise!

I consider myself incredibly optimistic but having survived as a business owner for so many years, there are few occurrences that surprise me. That is until I received a call from Desiree Rogers from Ebony Magazine while in Hawaii producing Tichina Arnold’s wedding. She personally called to congratulate me on making the Inaugural Ebony Power 100 List. Needless to say, I was beyond surprised – more like shell-shocked!

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Rock with DV in Riviera Cancun!

I will be returning to the Inspire Smart Success Experience (ISSE) in Riviera Cancun December 3-6, 2012 with a new bikini to join my friend Stacie Francombe, Preston Bailey and the amazing Mike Colon for a few days of learning on Mexico’s famous Riviera Maya coast. The make-up of the wedding industry is evolving although not as quickly as I would like. I love diversity and I know that the rainbow of talents that make up the Diann Valentine Living Well team creates an atmosphere in which we can all bring our different gifts, talents, cultural differences, eclectic styles and varying artistic disciplines to create some pretty magical moments. So I’m offering you a unique opportunity!

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