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The Valentine Cuff Heads to Oakland!

Hello Gorgeous – So you’re newly engaged or helping one of your best girlfriends who is engulfed in planning the greatest celebration of her life. Scouring through a plethora of bridal magazines, reading every wedding blog you can find and hunting through tons of Pinterest boards looking for something unique that will give your celebration a character of its own. Look no further for The Valentine Cuff is the answer […]

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Announcing The Ignite Experience – Houston!

The Ignite Experience curriculum will inspire the development, learning, understanding and application of creative excellence. Ms. Valentine will be available throughout the day for high-power, one-on-one interaction as she shares her insights on creating a systemic approach to gaining enrollment from clients, colleagues and co-workers as it relates to ‘seeing’, considering, accepting and placing a premium on creative, out-of-the-box ideas and concepts.

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Happy New Year Deconstructed!

Ebony Magazine invited me to share with them my interpretation of a New Year’s Girlfriends Brunch so I invited a few of my best girlfriends Sheree Fletcher, April Daniels, Shamicka Raymond, Tichina Arnold and Tameka Raymond to hop on a plane and join me in Miami as I brought this story to life.

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The increasingly alarming numbers of Black men killed at the hands of law enforcement has broken my soul. I cannot help but think that any of those men could have easily been my husband or Lola’s Boyfriend or maybe just another Black man that I love. History proves that the US Justice System has never been on the side of black men but technology and cell phones and social media has brought these facts to greater light interrupting all of us in our tracks and commanding that we at least give these brutal acts a second look. When I witnessed the senseless killing of Eric Garner as he pleaded for his last breathe as an alarming number of police officers stood watch moved me beyond my brokenness and into action. I called on my best girlfriends and asked them to interrupt their holiday plans, disrupt their schedules and pause of some of their planned holiday activities with their families to join me for we needed to make our voices heard and our presence felt. On December 23rd, myself along with Sheree Fletcher, April Daniels, Sandra Campbell and Treiva Williams hosted #UnitedForJustice – a fundraiser to benefit the widow of Erica Garner. We received a tremendous amount of support and criticism which both prove that our efforts were perfect for this moment in time.

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Join me in Beverly Hills, CA at Panache Bridal #YESIDO

Join us for a private cocktail party with Diann Valentine as she shares her insider wedding tips and previews her latest signature wedding accessory, The Morgan Cuff. Enjoy Hennessy signature cocktails, tantalizing treats, surprise give-a-ways and your chance to win a “Morgan Cuff”.  Come out, try on the new Morgan Cuff and “tweet” all about it! This unique bridal cuff is a bride’s answer to the traditional bridal bouquet. As […]

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Fifty & Fabulous!

DVLW recently had the opportunity to help a loving husband surprise his wife with a surprise intimate celebration for her 50th birthday. These are the kind of celebrations that we relish in because we are able to hone in on the smallest details to enhance the visual and emotional experience of all guests that can sometimes get lost in our larger productions. We were tasked with delivering a colorful, energetic, Caribbean inspired celebration for a strong, educated, loving woman as she was celebrated by a group of equally amazing women.

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#MakeItGoodMonday – Triumph Through Adversity!

Just 24 hours prior to the start of this magical party, we experienced torrential thunderstorms that caused this entire entrance to flood as well as at least 10 feet into the main dinner tent. As soon as the rain broke, we had water excavators standing by to soak up the water in the carpet. Unfortunately, it was not enough so we proceeded to rip up all of the carpet in this entrance and install new white carpet before guest arrivals.

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The Best of 2013!

This has been one of the most challenging years of my life with so much personal and professional struggle. Ups and downs and highs and lows were just a consistent road I found myself on swiftly moving from mountaintop to valley with a blinking of my eyes. Change was the surrounding message I heard as I forged through the dark days – major changes that would change the trajectory of my life and remind me that I am a risk-taker, fearless and tenacious soul and that God has already given me everything I need to return to “HAPPY”. Throughout this new kind of journey, I know that I have been blessed. God has kept me and continued to show me favor in all areas of my life. Although I welcomed the end of 2013, I cannot move forward without acknowledging the victories of this past year so I’m sharing them with you with hopes that you will know like never before that we are all on the same journey, experiencing the same struggles as we strive to leave our mark on the world so that when someone reads our obituary – all of the people we have impacted will say ‘She Was Here’!

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4 Years and Counting!

My husband Damon Haley and I celebrated our 4th anniversary on Saturday night. We usually spend our anniversary and bring in the new year in a different country engulfed in diverse culture, amazing food and learning new customs from around the globe but this year we decided to celebrate at home in an intimate dinner party with our families and closest friends.

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The air is brisk, the malls are packed, Christmas carols are ringing throughout every business I seem to visit and aromas of cinnamon and Pumpkin spice fill the air affirming that the holiday season is here. Since assisting Just Extensions with the interior design of their commercial space, we continue to return and work on other creative projects for them so this weekend we designed and installed their holiday décor.

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