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Happy New Year Deconstructed!

Ebony Magazine invited me to share with them my interpretation of a New Year’s Girlfriends Brunch so I invited a few of my best girlfriends Sheree Fletcher, April Daniels, Shamicka Raymond, Tichina Arnold and Tameka Raymond to hop on a plane and join me in Miami as I brought this story to life.

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The increasingly alarming numbers of Black men killed at the hands of law enforcement has broken my soul. I cannot help but think that any of those men could have easily been my husband or Lola’s Boyfriend or maybe just another Black man that I love. History proves that the US Justice System has never been on the side of black men but technology and cell phones and social media has brought these facts to greater light interrupting all of us in our tracks and commanding that we at least give these brutal acts a second look. When I witnessed the senseless killing of Eric Garner as he pleaded for his last breathe as an alarming number of police officers stood watch moved me beyond my brokenness and into action. I called on my best girlfriends and asked them to interrupt their holiday plans, disrupt their schedules and pause of some of their planned holiday activities with their families to join me for we needed to make our voices heard and our presence felt. On December 23rd, myself along with Sheree Fletcher, April Daniels, Sandra Campbell and Treiva Williams hosted #UnitedForJustice – a fundraiser to benefit the widow of Erica Garner. We received a tremendous amount of support and criticism which both prove that our efforts were perfect for this moment in time.

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#WeddingWednesday – Take It For A Swing!

As Tamra and Eddie Judge’s wedding was starting to wind down and it was time to cut the cake, Tamra decided to take it for a swing and sent her confectionery work of art perched on the suspended cake stand I designed flying in the air. At the moment, I thought I was going to choke because I had visions of cake smashing into Gretchen or worst yet one of her adorable daughters. However, looking back – this is one of the moments that shows why I loved working with Tamra so much. She throws caution to the wind and SHE lives. How many of you are willing to do the same?

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#MCM…Viktor & Rolf

#MCM – Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren, the Creative Directors behind the fashion house Viktor & Rolf because their vision for fashion inspired my largest and most memorable project of 2012. …Because they operate from the pure desire of self-expression. …Because they admittedly struggled for the first five years of launching their couture fashion house with presenting themselves in an art form related context rather than in a fashion context. …Because they have admitted that they control everything understanding that ‘win or lose’ it is their own vision that is represented in their brand. Everything. Not just exhibitions, also collections, perfumes, everything. Of course, like any successful artist they work with and respect their team but they’re involved in everything they do. …Because they live and work in Amsterdam and understand that their best work comes from an isolated atmosphere and they understand that they do not need the fashion world to create.

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Kile’s World 5K…Join The Movement!

Kile’s World is a non-profit organization started by Kile Glover’s mother Tameka Raymond to help underprivileged kids get better access to the arts. A gift to Kile’s World Foundation does more than finance a camper’s tuition. It makes dreams come true for a child who wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to cultivate their artistic talents. Tameka lost Kile following a tragic boating accident in July of 2012. Kile was an exceptionally bright child who was always engulfed in an artistic musical project when I saw him. I too miss his presence.

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Happy Has A New Face!

I was so thrilled when my previous client and friend Evelyn Lozada called me a few months ago to share her pregnancy news but when I heard the latest excitement today as she announced her engagement I was over the moon. You see, Evelyn is one of the sweetest, most loyal and good-hearted women that I have ever met. She has had her share of rough times but I believe that it is because of her pure heart and sincerity that she always lands on her feet.

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Tom Ford Turns 52!

My muse – the uber-talented Tom Ford turns 52 today! Not looking a day over 40, this creative genius is likely relishing in the life that he carefully protects to maintain what is most important to him. I’ve been thinking all day about the kind of celebration I would throw if his celebration were in my hands and I keep narrowing in on simple elegance, sophisticated and sexy. So here are a few of the elements on my wish list to create the perfect party for the brilliant designer that has inspired so many of my own creative moments:

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Evelyn Lozada Re-emerges On Top!

My friend and client Evelyn Lozada has weathered a tough year but she remains one of the women I admire the most. Her strength, honesty with her emotions and ‘around the way girl’ persona is only a few of the reasons why I love her. After a long silence she re-emerges on Season 5 of Basketball Wives proving that she is built to last. I’ve held onto the images from that magical night not sure what to do with them but I’ve decided to finally share them because on this night we celebrated Evelyn Lozada and I’m proud of what she inspired me to create!

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US Weekly Showcases the DV Designed Suspended Cake Stand from Tamra Barney & Eddie Judge’s Nuptials!

In this week’s issue of US Weekly, the magazine gives an exclusive and stunning glimpse of some of the details from Orange County Housewives Tamra Barney and Eddie Judge’s nuptials last weekend at The St. Regis Monarch Beach. The story offers a detailed view of Tamra’s custom cuff that I designed to replace the bulky and often cumbersome bridal bouquet. The 8 harpists that lined the center aisle also get a beautiful showcase in the wedding recap. However, I am most excited to see the custom suspended cake stand that I designed to hold their wedding cake as it floated above the dance floor along with a pair of oversized pearls! I hope you enjoy all of the juicy details!

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