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#TransformationTuesday – Fall In Love!

It took me a lot of living and a lot of pain to finally be ready to receive this kind of love. I’ve witnessed countless love stories and many that I knew were doomed from the beginning but ladies you cannot rush love. Somehow I think that many of us can only discover our worthiness for a love like this only after we have been through enough awful love affairs…I know I learned this the hard way but oooooooh weeeee my baby was worth the wait!

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#MakeItGoodMonday – Triumph Through Adversity!

Just 24 hours prior to the start of this magical party, we experienced torrential thunderstorms that caused this entire entrance to flood as well as at least 10 feet into the main dinner tent. As soon as the rain broke, we had water excavators standing by to soak up the water in the carpet. Unfortunately, it was not enough so we proceeded to rip up all of the carpet in this entrance and install new white carpet before guest arrivals.

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#WeddingWednesday Diann Valentine Signature Bridal Cuffs Are The New Bouquet!

Flowers are beautiful kisses of nature…they are one of God’s gifts that add beauty and color to the world. Flowers are also beautiful design accents for weddings but should not be the star on any woman’s wedding day. As a bride makes her way down the aisle, her flowers should be a beautiful accent to her gown and not an enormous barrier that blocks everyone’s view of her couture masterpiece. Many of my clients and brides around the world are embracing my cuffs for this very reason and today I’m honoring a few of the ladies who have been bold enough to choose this alternative and loved it so much more than a traditional bouquet.

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#MakeItGoodMonday – Architecture Is Music!

Every space has a spirit, r rhythm and a voice.  When venue shopping, keep in mind Goethe’s declaration that “architecture is frozen music.”  So, as I look at a church or private estate, I also listen.  I take in the walls, doorways, moldings, light fixtures – I never fight the architecture, whether art nouveau or rococo.  I never work against the aura of a space.  I listen for the song. […]

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#SoulfulSunday – Because of Her Love!

#SoulfulSunday She taught me how to fall to my knees and seek God in all situations that life would throw at me. To develop a sincere compassion for people and those less fortunate than I. To show loving kindness towards all of mankind regardless of what they show me. To remain humble with a meek spirit because that is Christ like but also to walk through this world as bold as a lion because I am a child of the king. I am because of Her L-O-V-E! #DVDidIt #HappyMothersDay

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#WeddingWednesday – Take It For A Swing!

As Tamra and Eddie Judge’s wedding was starting to wind down and it was time to cut the cake, Tamra decided to take it for a swing and sent her confectionery work of art perched on the suspended cake stand I designed flying in the air. At the moment, I thought I was going to choke because I had visions of cake smashing into Gretchen or worst yet one of her adorable daughters. However, looking back – this is one of the moments that shows why I loved working with Tamra so much. She throws caution to the wind and SHE lives. How many of you are willing to do the same?

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The truth is that none of us likes being wrong and certainly not admitting when we are wrong but my greatest life lessons have come from my Mom and my path to transformation started when I decided that she actually knew more than I did. We all have our own lives to live and journeys to take but there is so much wisdom that is passed down from great women in our lives. Are you listening?

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#MCM…Viktor & Rolf

#MCM – Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren, the Creative Directors behind the fashion house Viktor & Rolf because their vision for fashion inspired my largest and most memorable project of 2012. …Because they operate from the pure desire of self-expression. …Because they admittedly struggled for the first five years of launching their couture fashion house with presenting themselves in an art form related context rather than in a fashion context. …Because they have admitted that they control everything understanding that ‘win or lose’ it is their own vision that is represented in their brand. Everything. Not just exhibitions, also collections, perfumes, everything. Of course, like any successful artist they work with and respect their team but they’re involved in everything they do. …Because they live and work in Amsterdam and understand that their best work comes from an isolated atmosphere and they understand that they do not need the fashion world to create.

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