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Finding Creative Inspiration in Bangkok!

I spend a great deal of my life traveling – both professionally and personally. While exploring the world, I intentionally engulf myself in these foreign cultures by developing friendships with locals, indulging in authentic cuisine and most importantly embracing the authentic design of a country so that I can somehow learn, extrapolate and find my own inspiration for the many design projects I am working on. My current trip to the continent of Asia has been no different. My first stop in Bangkok was extremely culturally relevant. With many Americans settling in Bangkok Post-Vietnam War after realizing they were not as exuberantly welcomed back to America, Thailand embraces Westerners in a manner that is both genuinely accepting and graciously hospitable. With tremendous British influence, English is widely spoken making it very easy to maneuver throughout the city.

Aside from shopping – Bangkok is one of the few cities where the value of the dollar is very strong – I was anxious to soak up the knowledge from some of the biggest attractions in the city. The Grand Palace and home of the Emerald Buddha is by far the most popular attraction in Bangkok and delivers sensory overload dripping with opulence, gold, ethereal energy and spiritual nuances that makes this the highlight of my visit.

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