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Tiffany Tuesdays: Wedding Salon Part One

This week is about Bridal Shows. There are tons of bridal shows everywhere: small ones, major expos, and luxury shows. As a wedding producer, I have been to them all at one time or another. Now I really only attend a few high-end luxury shows to see if there is anything new and fresh coming out.

One of my favorite shows to attend is The Wedding Salon. The Wedding Salon was created in 2004 by Tatiana Byron when she partnered with Martha Stewart and they feature the must have luxury products and services for your sophisticated couple. The show I happened to attend was in LA, but they also have shows in New York, Miami, Washington, DC, and Chicago. If you have one in your area, I definitely recommend that you check it out. The Wedding Salon LA had a lot of excellent vendors so I am going to break this up into two parts.

Here is Part One of my trip to this years Wedding Salon at the SLS Hotel in West Hollywood including a few of my favorite vendors.

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These Are My Bars!

I have always admired how musical vocalists operate. Everyday they wake up with a God-given gift that allows them to express their feelings, excitement, heartache and gamut of emotions with their voices – a tool that most people do not possess. However, I was contemplating this idea today and started to ponder my gifts and how I employ them to communicate to the world what I need to get off my chest. When designing an interior space, wedding or party, I bring my heart and soul into the atmosphere. My inability to disconnect emotionally from a project makes me a bad businessman but a decent designer. I’m no Tom Ford but I am carving out my own space in the creative realm. I am extremely passionate about everything I invest my mind space, energy and intellect in and my mental state is always reflected in my art – one way or another. Sometimes it’s good and sometimes it’s bad. Sometimes it’s ground breaking and other times it’s life changing but it’s always a reflection of me…my voice that resonates out to my clients and then to the world.

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Tiffany Tuesdays: Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! I love holidays! In addition to the usual reasons people enjoy holidays (family, friends and all that jazz), I treasure them because they give us designers another reason to be creative. I get asked by my friends and clients all the time for ways to decorate for the holidays that are not super expensive but still look great.

So I decided to share a personal event that myself and fellow DVLW team member, Cece Counts, worked on this past weekend that were more in the ‘DIY’ category than our traditional DVLW projects. As you probably can guess, it was for an Easter brunch.

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