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Tiffany Tuesdays: Step Three – What’s Hot!

Thank you for reading along for the last few weeks! A major part of my job is keeping up with what is new and hot. So for this week I attended the New 2013 Collection Book Release Party for La Tavola Linens.

If you are not familiar with La Tavola, they are a California company based in Napa Valley that specializes in fine linen rental. Don’t worry if you are not in California, they ship all over the country. La Tavola is one of the few fine linen resources we use and I highly recommend them. They combine both quality and beauty and are definitely an easy way to up the style of your event. This year they launched a couple of new lines, the Milano & Pompeii Collections, in their 2013 collection. Here is a sneak peek!

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Tiffany Tuesdays: Step Two!

Hello All – Last week I discussed how my main goal for this year is to define, promote and grow DVLW Brides, and explained how step one was expanding our California presence. This week I want to set in motion step two; creating a new product. With that in mind we have created what we call our GET STARTED CONSULTATION Wedding Package!

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Tiffany Tuesdays: Step One!

Currently, DVLW is known for the high-end luxury that defines DV Signature Weddings and with that have the celebrity world as a normal part of our repertoire. While working with celebrities is fun, I feel like it leaves out a whole category of brides who also deserve to have a beautiful wedding celebration that tells their love story and reflects their personal style.

After a few brainstorming sessions, we are expanding the DVLW brand to include a new division that caters to the everyday luxury bride. Welcome to the world of DVLW Brides. A division that is not bound by traditions or trends but rather listens and assists brides in defining a unique expressions of their love story. We listen to ideas, respect a strict budget, and use creativity and bride/planner coordination to deliver magical moments.

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