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Love is…

Working with so many brides has shown me that love is a universal language – one that connects us all on a level playing field and exemplifies the similarities of the heart. I’ve looked back on some of the great moments that talented photographers have captured of what I believe are the moments in which this universal language is spoken the most. Love cannot be summed up in a single romantic adjective or grandiose gestures or even the most eloquent Hallmark card. It is complicated yet so simple. It has many meanings and looks different to women all over the world – yet it is still the language that we all universally understand. You see, LOVE just is…

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DVLW Spotlight: Meet Tiffany Pompey!

My name is Tiffany Pompey and I am an Event Design Producer, a Dream Fulfiller and a Play Maker at Diann Valentine Living Well. Although working in the event design industry in Los Angeles is where I ended up, it is definitely not where I started. A Southern girl from Georgia, I have always had two loves: art and parties. A couple of favorite pastimes growing up included helping my mother plan her constant stream of soirees for our family and creating artistic ‘masterpieces’ by drawing on my bedroom walls. Luckily for my parents as I got older I moved from decorating the walls to creating them.

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