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Brilliance or Imagination?

With each new meeting with a woman who is inclined to trust me with her most precious love story or a home owner that is willing to rely on my vision for their living space – I find myself compelled to explore, probe and expand my imagination to discover a revitalized approach to the project at hand. I currently find myself in the middle of one of these quandaries. Lighting fixtures in event design are begging for resurgence – a re-discovery and a fresh perspective. Walter Hubert helped me to look at crystals in new imaginative ways when he suggested hanging strands of crystals in Toni Braxton’s reception tent, which transformed her wedding reception into a sea of diamonds. Raymond Thompson helped me to look at the transformative qualities of lighting when applied to architectural elements as he did for Gary and DeLeon Sheffield’s wedding.

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The Honey Tea

Get Married Magazine recently asked me to take the color honey and use it to inspire a plethora of creative design ideas for a summer wedding. Well I gave it my two cents of how I envisioned this warm and cozy hue…Valentine Style of course!

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