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From One Brown Girl to Another!

Thankfully, life has been so busy with brides, events, the premiere of I Do Over, new ventures, new explorations and making time to take care of my family. However, earlier this year I stopped, called and introduced myself to Jacqueline Nwobu, the publisher of Munaluchi Bride after stumbling upon the gorgeous but obviously different cover that featured actress La La Anthony. As another brown girl in the wedding industry, I felt compelled to simply call and say hello because we needed to know each other. I shared my excitement for her and how much pride I felt knowing that she was leading her own charge to change our industry for the better – level out the playing fields just a bit in terms of bridal publications. We instantly bonded and I shared that I was not in search of anything but offered a helpful hand along her journey. If there was anything I could do, I would always make myself available to her. Before I could make good on my promise, she surprised me by offering the following feature to introduce Diann Valentine and I Do Over to her readers.

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A Bad Break is Cause For An I Do Over!

Lindsy Jennings is one of the happiest and fantastically optimistic women I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Despite a dreadful fall that broke her leg in three places and left her hobbling down the aisle on crutches on her wedding day, she still managed to keep the gigantic smile on her face. Throughout our time together, she consistently focused on what lied before her and in fact was quite uncomfortable conveying any of the disastrous memories from her first wedding. She was so in tune with every moment – surprise after surprise and present to the magic that was happening around her. You see, I learned a great lesson from Lindsy about our reaction to disappointments in life. Sure she was saddened with the outcome of her first wedding but I truly believe that her willingness to leave those memories ‘behind the line’ allowed her to fully enjoy each experience of the new wedding that we were feverishly designing and executing on her behalf. She wasn’t worried about ‘looking good’, ‘feeling embarrassed’ or being paranoid about us making a mockery of her wedding. In essence – Lindsy simply trusted the process and is likely the one bride that enjoyed her ‘do-over’ the most this season. So as the credits rolled last night, I hope that you shared my sentiments knowing that this woman truly deserved her I Do Over!

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Accepting What We Deserve On I Do Over!

Working with Tasha and Wes Owen was an exceptional joy. Wes’ nervousness at the altar that caused him to faint during their ceremony had a devastating effect on Tasha. I was expecting her disappointment from experiencing this unforeseen and unpreventable disaster. However, I also observed how it seemed to seal her belief that she was un-deserving of a glorious wedding. Tasha has spent her adult life proudly taking care of her husband and her children; which has been her sole focus in life. During our time together, I was amazed at how challenging it was for her to accept all of the good things that were happening. She consistently repeated that she did not deserve all of this which was disturbing for me. As women, we ALL deserve the perfect wedding – however we define that. Furthermore, I believe that we deserve to be loved beyond measure, pampered, spoiled and taken care of just like we take care of our families. So my experience with Tasha was an ‘Aha’ moment for me – a moment when I realized that some women can be so beat up by life that they stop dreaming, stop believing and stop hoping for a better tomorrow. My hope is that you watched the end credits of this episode declaring that you too deserve all of the best that life has to offer and if you will only B-E-L-I-E-V-E good things still happen to good people.

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FormDecor Adds ‘Old Hollywood’ Glamour to I Do Over!

I have been a fan of FormDecor for several years. When designing an event I am always looking for eclectic pieces that can work in unison to interpret an overall design aesthetic rather than simply renting a complete lounge grouping of identical pieces. Fritz Williams has carved out a much needed niche of offering authentic vintage modern furniture rentals from some of the most respected designers in furniture design. When the opportunity arose to design an Old Hollywood ‘Vanity Fair’ inspired set for the premiere episode of I Do Over, I knew that Form Décor would have a mix of everything I needed. I recently had a chance to sit down with Fritz, Jeff Sigler and Rachel Michael to chat about just what makes them so fabulous!

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R-Mine Bridal Dresses Brides on I Do Over!

Although I have admired her salon for many years, I only met Arminé last year when she designed the custom wedding gown for my client Shamicka Lawrence (wife of Martin Lawrence). An astute sophisticated woman with great personal style and impeccable taste commands the attention of women with discerning taste all over the ‘City of Angels’. Needless to say, I was thrilled and uber-excited when she agreed to share her gifts with our brides on I Do Over. After a grueling production schedule and some time to get back in my own zone – I had a chance to sit down with Arminé and relive some of the fun and a bit of the stress from making dreams come true in only 5 days!

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