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Inspired by L-O-V-E!

My recent trip to International Bridal Market in NYC gave me a chance to see firsthand some of the fabulous creations that will make their way down center aisles in the coming wedding months. I loved Paris Fashion Week for the drama and architectural influences, but I knew before landing in New York that all of the gowns on the runways would be inspired by love. Bridal fashion designers showed the world their interpretation of love – how they define it and the characteristics of the woman they envision walking down the aisle in their creations. With my DRV Coordinator Tiffany Pompey in tow, we set out to show one of our newest brides the best of bridal market while taking our own bite out of the Big Apple. Come along for the ride!

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Give Me French Inspiration!

With my growing schedule of appearances, speaking engagements and interaction with my fellow event professionals more than ever, I have grown increasingly bored with event design as a whole. I keep showing up hoping to be moved, inspired or enlightened by someone or something but to no avail. So when a last minute invitation from a friend came to spend a few days in Paris for Fashion Week, I expeditiously cleared my schedule, packed my bags and gave my husband a long kiss goodbye in search of something new. Few cities evoke such a distinctive experience like Paris. An exciting mix of historical architecture, haute couture fashions, delectable desserts and an overwhelming jult of raw sexuality. Paris stimulated my senses with such emotional overload leaving me full of respect for the French and renewed inspiration.

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