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Tip of the Week: Is Schadenfreude in Your DNA?

I am often mesmerized by the public’s fascination with ‘celebrity’. The media has been very good to me throughout my career but I am also quite afraid of them. I’ve witnessed countless stories of the paparazzi building the entire careers of ‘unknowns’ and then use that same power to diminish the most talented creative geniuses to no more than a headline. I’ve worked tirelessly to protect my client’s rights to keep their wedding celebrations and their personal lives free from opinion and ridicule. After legendary Teena Marie’s untimely and tragic death, I was surfing on-line and stumbled upon a headline announcing that TMZ had the 911 recording of her daughter’s call after finding her mother’s lifeless body in their home. I chose NOT to go to the site or listen to this disgusting display of the media’s power play to get more hits. Instead I engaged in an intriguing conversation with one of the DV Brand Team Visionaries about the state of our world. Our conversation is a testament to the brilliant leadership that I have steering my course and I hope his wisdom can get me through unscathed. So the million dollar question today is – Is Schadenfreude in your DNA?

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Best Moments of 2010!

I started this year with immense hope while engulfed in more fear than I have experienced in years. Each morning started with a pit in my stomach from the realization that this must be a pivotal year in my career – a year of transition and growth and risk-taking like never before. As I now prepare for my yearly ritual of establishing my goals for the forthcoming year, I would do myself a disservice without resting and relishing in the achievements thus far. So I share with you my most memorable moments of 2010 with hopes that you may see a glimpse of yourself along my journey because I believe that we are all more alike than not -different paths but all taking the same ride!

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