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Best Use of Interior Space!

Most of my clients live in homes and estates with expansive square footage and more bedrooms than they have purposes to fulfill. Subsequently, these unoccupied rooms rapidly become a catch-all for the diverse objects in their lives. In this gorgeous Mediterranean home just outside of Los Angeles, two empty bedrooms and a jack and jill bathroom stood out like sore thumbs amongst a multitude of wares and accomplishments. My client trusted me explicitly to decode the foregone conclusions of these spaces with the only direction being to apply a color pallet of lavender. Needless to say, these opportunities do not come often but when they do I expediently rise to the occasion. Herein lies, my best use of interior space and the birth of a relaxation room…Valentine Style!

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Best Interpretation of a Woman’s Love Affair with Pink!

For as long as I have been designing weddings, pink has by far been the most requested color of choice for ladies in waiting. I often wonder if it is our mother’s fault for showering us in pink frills from the moment we are born or if it is something in our DNA that draws us to this soft yummy cotton candy color? As much as advocate for all of the colors in the rainbow there is no denying that in my battles over pink, it has always prevailed. So in honor of the ultimate Barbie Doll and Basketball Wives Co-star Jennifer Williams, I am sharing for the first time a full glimpse into her celebration at The One and Only Ocean Club on Paradise Island in the Bahamas and how she challenged us all to rise to the occasion and give her exactly what the wanted…only Valentine Style!

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Best of…

This year has been filled with so much travel as I have logged almost 100,000 miles in the air. In the midst of the craziness I paused for an intimate wedding for some long-time clients that have believed in the DRV brand for years. My reward is never in the size of the budget, the celebrity guest list or the media accolades but rather it is the satisfaction of knowing that I have nailed an idea…helped a woman’s heart sing and managed to make a mark on the hearts of two people for the rest of their lives. Herein lies my Best Wedding of 2010.

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