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Giving is Gratitude!

On a recent overnight excursion to Chicago, I accompanied my friend D. Micah to a taping of the Oprah Winfrey Show. He was invited as one of Oprah’s Ultimate Fans and ‘Ultimate Fan’ is really an understatement. The show we attended happened to be one of her last ‘Favorite Things’ episodes. As I sat in amazement watching all of her guests almost lose it with excitement I couldn’t help but feel unworthy to receive all of these wonderful surprises. It was not until the end of the taping that I came to grips with my purpose for accepting his invitation. The blessing for me was not in receiving the gifts (although I am truly grateful) but rather it was witnessing the gift of giving. So in honor of Lady O and in celebration of Thanksgiving, I share with you a few of my personal heroes that inspire me to be more and do more!

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Tip of the Week: Translation of Inspiration!

Fashion genius Tom Ford has been my muse for many years. While at the helm of Gucci, he redefined feminine sexuality with a masculine edge like no other designer before his time. I have always been intrigued with his use of sleek lines, predominantly black silhouettes and the relation between these elements that manifest into captivating fashion moments for women around the globe. When the occasion called for me to design my own engagement party invitation – I immediately thought – ‘what would Tom Ford do’? He would keep it clean, sexy and all about love!

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Wedding Central’s “If The Shoe Fits” stunt hosted by Yours truly!

In celebration of its launch on Time Warner Cable, WEDDING CENTRAL hosted a special event in NYC yesterday morning – “IF THE SHOE FITS.” Twenty brides-to-be headed out from Times Square, hopped on the subway and rode downtown to Madison Square Park where a 20-foot stiletto heel filled with shoe boxes awaited them. The first bride to find a pair of high-end designer shoes that fit won a $5,000 cash prize plus a huge prize package that includes design consultants with me on their wedding, a case of Moreno BHLV California Sparkling Wine from a Limited Edition Collection that I have in development, a copy of Weddings Valentine Style, custom invitations from Ceci New York and a gorgeous wedding cake from Ron Ben-Israel. I had the privilege of hosting the event and truly enjoyed celebrating this amazing accomplishment for Wedding Central and interacting with all of my sisters in L-O-V-E! Khloe Kardashian was on-site as a special celebrity guest judge where she helped declare the winner along with fellow Wedding Central expert Ceci Johnson.

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