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Condo Remix – Valentine Style!

One of my favorite interior projects was the re-design of a small condo that was screaming for a transformation.  My client and I shared a love of vivacious color and she allowed my imagination to scurry about as I re-interpreted the next phase of her residential life. She communicated that her Living Room/Dining Room was where she spent most of her time so the first task at hand was to […]

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Diann Valentine Appears on Fox News It is often difficult for me to explain to people what I do in one sentence.  In truth, I am a designer, a visionary, a suck fer love, a bride’s BFF for a moment in her life and an ordinary girl with enormous dreams.  However, this will give you a little peek inside of my professional journey.  Enjoy! While on the WeTV Wedding Expert Mall Tour, I had […]

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Tip of the Week: Finishing Touches!

A gorgeous room is often anchored with a series of beautiful tables that usher in a celebratory atmosphere. There is no better reward for a true designer than observing as invited guests ascend into a space and gasp with astonishment from the splendor that engulfs them. I designed my first ‘X’ table while shooting TNT’s Wedding Day at The Riviera Country Club in Pacific Palisades. The enormous family style setting comprised of lush florals from Shirvan Designs, custom linens and chair covers from Wildflower Linens and custom designed placemats from artist PeQue enveloped the ballroom. However, it is the smallest details such as the custom napkin ring I designed for Martin Lawrence’s summer wedding that became the icing on the cake.

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Harper’s Bazaar Gets Personal!

This year I was blessed with the opportunity to join forces with WeTV and Wedding Central as one of their wedding experts that traveled the country appearing at malls offering brides-to-be wedding and entertaining tips. As my year starts to unwind, I just concluded my finale stop on the tour in Atlanta. While counting my blessings and relishing in the great memories created with my new ‘girlfriends’ around the country, I realized that yet another blessing lied ahead.

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Tip of the Week: Pain Fuels the Passion!

So often I am asked where I find inspiration. My interpretation of love and environments stems from a vast number of life occurrences but it is always through a deep piercing within my heart. I recently discovered the masterfully accomplished artist Tim Cantor as my BFF and I strolled through boutiques and art galleries in Sausalito on a brisk Sunday afternoon. The work of Tim Cantor is overwhelmingly distinctive, compelling, and powerful. His luxuriant utilization of color is captivating to say the least. It is magical with an enchanting beauty that allows one to deeply connect with the imagery. Underneath this imagery lies a deep story that seems to capture feelings of peace, sorrow, loss, failure, triumph, tragedy and pure honesty.

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