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Tip of the Week: Retro Remix!

When I started designing my new invitation collection, I knew one suite in the collection would reflect my love for retro pop art. In my interior work, nostalgic textile patterns and wallpapers with an updated modern flair from designers such as Osborne and Little and Flavor Paper have found a place in many of my environmental interpretations. I was compelled to extrapolate renditions of these motifs into a wedding stationery ensemble. The Lingering Love Suite started with inspiration from the curvaceous lines of delicate antique perfume bottles and the geometric lines in a Chopard watch with a hidden abstract heart embedded in the design as a symbol of my love. As I studied the elements, bold colors screamed for recognition.

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Tip of the Week: First Impressions!

The initial greeting when someone walks into your space will likely some up their thoughts of you in 30 seconds. Some spaces exude passion, others conservatism and some even leave you questioning – so exactly what do they do here? The communal areas are one of my favorite spaces to design in commercial projects for they are so much more than a waiting room with seating – therein lays my unique opportunity to drive home the interpretation of their story. This Casino Royale chandelier from Kravitz Design and Swarovski demonstrates this organizations keen eye for style and unmatched commitment to excellence.

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Tip of the Week: Werk It!

Since Beyonce proclaimed herself Sasha Fierce, women have openly began adopting alter-ego’s and sharing them with the world.  Since Junior High School, my alter ego was Sasha – Sasha was fearless, feisty and determined.  She could leap tall buildings, crash and burn and rise again to keep pressing towards a new day and a bigger dream.  Well when I realized that Beyonce also had a ‘Sasha’ the game changed and […]

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Diann Valentine Visits Seattle with WeTV & Wedding Central

For the first stop on the WeTV and Wedding Central mall tour, we stopped in Seattle. Friday morning kicked off with a fun interview with Lily Jang on Q13 Fox Morning News. Rarely do I come across a newscaster with as much zest and spunk as Lily. On Saturday, I spent a few hours at Alderwood Mall with a feisty group of local brides, grooms and the cities top wedding vendors. We laughed, took photos and they warmed my heart with a ‘whole lotta’ Seattle love!

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