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My Bridesmaids – My Girls – My Angels!

My good friend D. Micah reminded me that some people are assigned to our lives as angels – employed to uplift us, encourage us and to remind us of our purpose. I couldn’t help but remember the few women in my tight circle that have been just this for me. So in honor of them, I share with you a Girlfriend’s Brunch that I hosted in an attempt to give back to them a bit of what they have given to me.

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Harper’s Bazaar features WEtv Wedding Report

I am thrilled to have joined the WEtv family and even more thrilled to share with you this incredible profile featured in the April issue of Harper’s Bazaar! I particularly love this piece because it communicates my stance on wedding traditions – as the writer put it…”wedding and event producer Diann Valentine has built her reputation by doing things just a bit differently.”

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Tip of the Week: Put it in a Love Song!

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways! Before the days of email, texting and twitter, we would all take the time to share our deepest feelings and desires with our love in written form. How precious is the pause between receiving your love note and reading the first line? What will it say? Is he longing for the moment when we will be reunited? Is this a small gesture to remind me that he thinks I am gorgeous? Just maybe Carrie Bradshaw uncovered one of the best tactics to prolong your love story

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Tip of the Week: Banyan Tree: Fate or Fear?

Just last year, my search for an extraordinary location for an exuberant celebrity couple madly in love led me to a gem of a destination – Banyan Tree Mayakoba in Maya Riviera, Mexico. Aside from being breathtakingly beautiful, Banyan Tree’s philosophy is based on providing a place of rejuvenation of the body, mind and soul – a sanctuary for the senses. Introducing a style of travel that was far superior to the usual suspects in the game of hospitality. Suddenly there was a new property in North America that cared deeply for creating unremarkable celebrations of love and they were talking my language! However, what I proclaimed to be the perfect design took an unexpected turn and ended up being the perfect storm instead…

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Tip of the Week: Dinner After Dark!

Before the Million Dollar weddings and the breath-taking locales around the world, I was absolutely delighted in the opportunities to orchestrate intimate and personal dinner parties. When a woman would come to me (celebrity or not) and put her heart on the line and ask ‘How do I express my deepest heartfelt emotion for the man I love?” It was in these moments, that I was able to creatively push the envelope. For a client’s New Year’s Eve dinner plans, I convinced her to allow me to turn a romantic dinner into something so much more. What started as a simple evening for her and her man…

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Tip of the Week: Red Carpet or Center Aisle Style?

One of the reasons I love working so closely within the entertainment industry is awards season! Stylists scour designer showrooms for the freshest looks that will land their clients on the Best Dressed list! From fashion trends fresh off the Milan runways to vintage masterpieces that are given new life with a fresh set of hips in between their seams, Hollywood Fashionistas glide down the red carpets hoping to avoid a slashing by Joan Rivers on Fashion Police. With the plethora of images and icons, I am perplexed about why the color palettes in bridal fashion has not evolved beyond the white dress!

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