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Tip Of The Week: Click!

The candles have burned down, all the food and drink has been consumed, and that cacophony of “Congratulations!” is a whisper in the wind.  What’s left?  Your canvas of memories – in search  for your photographer, seek a true artist with a passion for capturing reflections and reverberations of love.  Just like with your man, when the right one comes long, you’ll know – the minute you see his or […]

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More Than A Producer

After a hectic summer of constant travel and an average of 14 hour work days, I am thrilled to share some of the magic behind the 5-city More Than A Game tour. I was brought on by my dear and respected colleagues at UMCA Sports to produce the Nike sponsored tour in anticipation of the Lions Gate documentary More Than A Game based on the high-school basketball career of NBA […]

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Tip Of The Week: Anticipation!

“I have found him!”  That’s what you are announcing as your invitation ensemble arrives.  Insist on it being a magnificent statement about your love – a glimpse of how you and Mr. Right came together or a highlight from the moment you said “Yes!”  Don’t be afraid of color.  The idea that black type on white stock signals class is, well, living by someone else’s rules.  Take this instance to […]

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Tip Of The Week: Forget The Favors!

The days of netting and candied almonds are over.  (Please do not bring them back.)  If you offer your guests a Wow!, it or some element of it can double as a favor.  Bear in mind, too, that many people will make the invitation, their place cards, or the menu their souvenir.  Should you choose to do a favor, let it be something that is both practical and fabulous – […]

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