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Archive for September, 2009

Tip Of The Week: Sizzle!

Modern glamour, sensuality and floss can be found in just about every Diann Valentine environment.  Crystals – although a bit overdone – consistently invigorate my senses.  The confidence in which light hits each crystal and finds its way to the smallest sparkle –  cracks my heart, opens my consciousness and stays with me forever.  The light is so powerful that it pierces the soul of all who recognize it.  Crystals […]

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Tip Of The Week: Romance Reigns!

We’ve all been taught that home is where the heart is but it should also be affectionately known for where romance reigns supreme!  It’s so conventional to flood a bathtub with steaming hot water and submerge red rose petals or to leave a footpath of petals from the doorstep onward – instead broaden your mind’s eye and submit your resistance to a situation that even Cupid would envy.  Start with […]

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Girl Power!

My circle of friends has always been small.  Some call me reclusive – others an introvert.  Those that have only witnessed my television or work persona would never believe this.  However, my life’s experiences have taught me that words like ‘love’ ‘friendship’ ‘girlfriend’ and ‘sister’ should not be taken lightly or thrown around like popular colloquialisms.  So as I celebrated the premiere of Wedding Day, I contemplated a large ‘Hollywood’ […]

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Tip Of The Week: Closets Even Want To Have Fun

Eclecticism is a term used frequently to express the combining of different patterns, textures, periods and finishes.  It is often used as a negative connotation to emphasize the breaking of a rule.  I do not believe in succumbing to tradition and I’m constantly on the quest to produce excitement through my own creative tug of war.  I create this excitement in aesthetics through the contradictions of ‘what is’ and what’s […]

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Tip of the Week: Big Design in Small Places

I get excited about designing environments with tight quarters because it stretches my vision and requires my internalization of not only the functionality of the space but the necessity of identifying an eccentric piece that will serve as inspiration for the entire room.  These rooms allow me to mesmerize guests as they discover its ‘wow factor’. I love when I’m caught unconsciously by a fabulous surprise.  This intimate guest bathroom […]

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Tip Of The Week: Flaunt It!

The wedding cake, always a focal point in the room, is usually displayed on a specially designed table to draw all eyes.  Don’t limit your inspiration to photos of other wedding cakes.  Your creative energy can come from your wedding gown, a great pair of shoes, an exquisite piece of jewelry or your favorite children’s story.  Surrender to your fancies.  The wedding cake is the show-off.  And I say, by […]

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