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Archive for August, 2009

Tip Of The Week: The Maestro

In honor of my love for sweets, today I pay homage to my dear friend and pastry genius Sam Godfrey and share his take on scrumptious desserts.  “My goal is to create stunning wedding cakes that are actually worth eating.  I want people to be bowled over by the presentation – and dance in the street upon tasting!  Cake has always been nostalgic for me, as it was that special […]

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Tip Of The Week: Table Talk

Chances are, the china that comes with your catering package will be fairly plain.  It may also bear the signs of use after use after…Wonderful food deserves wonderful surroundings.  If your options are low, a fitting charger can make all the difference in the world and I say the charger should not be cleared until the dinner plate is – why deprive a gorgeous table of some adornment?  So here […]

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Tip Of The Week: Express Yourself!

Where did bridal bouquets originate?  I love flowers but can’t quite grasp the wedding tradition that insists that you carry a bouquet that often blocks the most intricate detailing on your wedding gown.  And what happens if you opt for ‘hands-free’ florals?  Would you be breaking the cardinal rule of ‘Brideism’ 101?  Remember, flowers are smiles, thank-yous and lush kisses – so consider a design accent that embodies your style […]

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Tip Of The Week: Flava!

My work and world travels has widened my appetites – opened me up to the vast varieties of cuisines. From dinner at Cibrèo in Florence, Italy to succulent spiney Lobster fresh from the Caribbean sea to champagne tastings in France – food has become just as important as fashion in my world! Hence it is disheartening when so many women ‘play it safe’ and default to chicken and fish for […]

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Young love Revels in Old Hollywood Glamour: Michelle and Roy Hicks

Meeting Michelle was like meeting a younger version of myself! She is a young, mature, sophisticated woman with taste beyond her years that confidently sets goals and accomplishes them with resilience and tenacity. She established a non-profit organization called ‘Just Us Girls’ that gives young women the guidance they need during the difficult teenage years. She had always dreamed of a glamorous ‘Old Hollywood’ wedding when sophistication only existed in […]

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