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Tip Of The Week: Yes To My Man

When Sharhonda Jones married Boyz II Men Crooner Shawn Stockman she said no to a great genius like Mendelssohn Yes To Her Manand yes to her man, with Boyz II Men’s “I Do.” She lip synched along – “Do I promise you . . . “- as she glided up the aisle in her custom pure white princess wedding gown with two dozen Schwarzwalder calla lilies in her hand and […]

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Tip Of The Week: Music Moods Us

We don’t all boast the most fascinating sense of rhythm, but we all, as Ntozake Shane says, have a sound track to our lives.  Music is deep calling to deep.  Music moods us, from edgy to ecstatic.  Adherents of the Mozart Effect ® maintain that some sounds can strengthen our mental muscle and even heal.  For your celebration, ask yourself, how do I use music to move myself and everyone […]

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Tip of the Week: Deliver Bridesmaids from Floral Boredom!

I have witnessed countless girlfriends turned bridesmaids participate in many celebrations of love wearing ‘cookie-cutter’ catalogue dresses finished with the traditional pave of flowers. So today, I am speaking up for all of the bridesmaids that are begging for a fresh spin on their accessories. I say, don’t let a florist buffalo you into run-of-the-mill bouquets but instead, insist that they adorn your girls with a design accessory that will […]

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Multicultural Love: A Beautiful Representation of Life – Juan and Michelle Haro

Designing Michelle and Juan’s celebration on that aired on Saturday, July 11th was one of my favorites this season.  They wanted a multi-cultural celebration that honored both of their backgrounds so I decided to go with a Mexican influence for the reception with touches of eclectic elements.  I will admit that not everyone understood my vision by adding in Moroccan lanterns and accessories to the design but I knew that […]

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Tip Of The Week: The Look Of Love

In celebration of my birthday today, I have chosen a topic that brings me immense joy and a few lessons I’ve learned from my friend and mentor the great Walter Hubert of Silver Birches.  Flowers are smiles, thank-yous, lush kisses.  Like mountaintops and birdsong they inspire reflection on creation.  To borrow from Zora Neale Hurston, flowers are “a glance from God,” as her character Janie said of her beloved in […]

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Tip Of The Week: Great Design is Like a Beautiful Melody!

Oprah once asked Quincy Jones, “How does music come to you?” Quincy told her that he can sometimes see melodies. When Oprah asked Bono the same question, he responded a bit differently – “I’ve never seen the music. For me it’s a puzzle. I hear strains of a melody, and only when I work it out to its end, can I be at peace…One of the things that hits have […]

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