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Behind The Design of Jaenelle and Nykolas Jones Wedding on Wedding Day

I just posted several behind the scene photos from Jaenelle and Nyk’s wedding that aired last Thursday on Wedding Day to my Diann Valentine fan page on FaceBook.  It takes a small army to pull off our dream weddings and I wanted to take this opportunity to share some of everyone’s hard work.  I may get a lot of credit for the amazing and creative ideas but it is really […]

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Amal of Beverly Hills – Diann Valentine’s Wedding Day Wardrobe Designer

One of the biggest learning curves for me while reveling in the taping of Wedding Day was the sudden appearance of lots of opinions and an approval process regarding my wardrobe.  I had never looked at my style as ‘TV friendly’ or ‘non TV friendly’  – only Diann Valentine but I quickly learned that some things just did not work for the eye of the camera.  Our Executive Producer Janelle […]

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Tip of the Week: Crystals Create More Than Chandeliers

Crystal chandeliers don’t always have to be crystal chandeliers!  For Toni Braxton’s dream day – suspended above each table – twenty Austrian crystal strands of varying lengths glistened within the glamorous reception.  When the artistic lighting from strategically place points above hit the crystals, the te nt became a fairy-tale forest of diamonds, a sparkling wonderland.  How will you interpret the next traditional element in the design of your next […]

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Wedding Day moves to Thursday Nights

Wedding Day, the hit new reality series from Mark Burnett (Survivor and The Apprentice) and DreamWorks Television; the ultimate show that makes wedding dreams come true has moved to Thursday nights at 8pm on TNT.  This Thursday, June 25th is the premiere of Jaenelle and Nyk’s love story.  Nyk had been in love with Jaénelle since he was 10 years old. Years later, she noticed. Jaénelle and Nyk started dating […]

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Infinite Love Knows No End – Jaenelle and Nykolas Jones

The creative inspiration for Jaenelle and Nyk’s wedding was their intimate connection to the infinity symbol. While pondering on how their love story unfolded, I realized it perfectly symbolized the bond they share. Nyk loved her quietly from a distance for years before she realized it and once she awakened, she knew immediately that he was her soul-mate. Jaenelle shared with me that the infinity symbol has been the greatest […]

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Tip of the Week: Inspiration Through Travel

Often I draw on something I’ve seen in my travels. Some weddings trigger flashbacks to my first time in Paris, to the sensation I had of being in an atmosphere of romance. The spark was not provided by the people per se. It was rather in the finials, the stark elegance of the floors of the Louvre, the crown molding in the lobby of the Four Seasons Hotel. Everywhere I […]

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Tip of the Week: Architecture is Music

Every space has a spirit, a voice. When venue shopping, keep in mind Goethe’s declaration that “architecture is frozen music.” So, as I look at a church or private estate, I also listen. I take in the walls, doorways, moldings, light fixtures – I never fight the architecture, whether art nouveau or rococo. I never work against the aura of a space. I listen for the song. So I encourage […]

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Diann Valentine’s Website Re-Launch

Welcome to my new blog! For years, I have expressed non-traditional views and a diverse array of interpretations of love for women around the globe and I am thrilled to now have this forum to share my creative outlook with all of you. The wedding industry, in my opinion, has become a bit stagnant. With the increased number of bridal magazines, event designers and wedding planners, I’ve unfortunately witnessed other […]

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Diann Valentine Helps Women Marry Like A Star in the February Issue of Ebony Magazine

Diann Valentine knows weddings. And with a last name like Valentine, a career in love seems like almost a given.  So the celebrity wedding producer and author of Weddings Valentine Style isn’t venturing far from home by becoming host of TNT’s new reality show, Wedding Day, which premiers June 16. Each week, Valentine and celebrity chef Alan Dunn (For Better Or Worse), lead the show as family, friends and community […]

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Mark Burnett’s Wedding Day Couple on Entertainment Tonight online…

Mark Burnett leaves “Survivor‘s” Tribal Council behind and enters the wedding wars, when he arranges for deserving couples to have their dream weddings on TNT’s first reality series, “Wedding Day.” “‘Wedding Day‘ was very challenging, because you not only need to find couples that have compelling stories, where you really care and feel emotion toward them,” he tells ET. “But you also need to…. Read complete article >>

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