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Your Favorite Valentine is Back!

I have not shared a piece of my soul since the release of Weddings Valentine Style: Rich Inspiration For Every Woman’s Dream Day. I poured my heart and deepest desires for women in love into its inception and with the help of the gifted Tonya Bolden, readers got a glimpse into the psyche of the girl that has always been in love with love! I’ve matured so much in the […]

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Wedding Day

With such stellar hits as “The Closer,” “Saving Grace” and “Leverage,” TNT has established itself as television’s premiere destination for outstanding original drama series. Now the network is venturing into new dramatic territory with this inspiring, unscripted series from Mark Burnett Productions and DreamWorks Television. Every couple dreams of having the perfect wedding day. It hails as the most important day in the life of every bride, and equally the […]

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