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Tom Ford Turns 52!

My muse – the uber-talented Tom Ford turns 52 today!  Not looking a day over 40, this creative genius is likely relishing in the life that he carefully protects to maintain what is most important to him.  I’ve been thinking all day about the kind of celebration I would throw if his celebration were in my hands and I keep narrowing in on simple elegance, sophisticated and sexy.  So here are a few of the elements on my wish list to create the perfect party for the brilliant designer that has inspired so many of my own creative moments:


  1. The Remote Location

A private luxury yacht would be my venue of choice.  In the private circle of Tom Ford, I would venture to say that close friends are narrow in numbers so no need for a large venue.  Instead, this Epiphany Charter would be perfect – spacious enough for comfort-ability but only large enough to accommodate an intimate dinner party of 12.

The Epiphany Luxury Yacht

  1. The Design

Every design element with Tom Ford is deliberate but never over-stated.  Tailored arrangements of white Phaelenopsis Orchids in black vases would fill the space without looking like a centerpiece on the table but instead a fixture on the yacht.


White Phaelenopsis Orchids in Black Vase

  1. The Music

Music is the thread that keeps every party alive.  I would not feature any live music because that feels too contrived.  However, I would call DJ Irie and ask him to put together an amazing Acid Jazz playlist.

Acid Jazz CD Cover

  1. The Cocktails

Since Tom Ford refrains from drinking – a practice that I’m noticing is very common amongst those that have aged well – he would graciously offer only one cocktail and nothing says celebration like flowing bottles of 1995 Vintage Nicolas Feuillatte Rose!


  1. The Guest List

 The birthday guest list would include personal fabulous friends and because of Tom’s love of women it would likely include a few top ones.  Here are my 7 guests that I’m sure would make the cut!  And of course, all would be impeccably dressed!








Tom Ford Glamazons

With a party like this, who cares about what’s on the menu?


So if you love Tom Ford just as much as I do – ok maybe half as much as I do – how would you help him celebrate?  Please join the Diann Valentine family and share it with us all!


Keep spreading the love,

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3 Responses

  1. Althea says:

    I love Tom Ford!!! I would love to be guess number 8 Diann!

    • Diann Valentine says:

      Me too Boo! I would definitely figure out how to reserve my seat at this table. Have an awesome week. God bless

  2. Kacie Lynch says:

    How am I so late on seeing this post?! I LOVE Tom Ford! Happy belated birthday to Tom! And Diann, that would be one amazing party!

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