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The Best of 2013!

This has been one of the most challenging years of my life with so much personal and professional struggle.  Ups and downs and highs and lows were just a consistent road I found myself on swiftly moving from mountaintop to valley with a blinking of my eyes.  Change was the surrounding message I heard as I forged through the dark days – major changes that would change the trajectory of my life and remind me that I am a risk-taker, fearless and tenacious soul and God has already provided everything needed to return to “HAPPY”.  Throughout this new kind of journey, I know that I have been blessed.  God has kept me and continued to show me favor in all areas of my life.  Although I welcomed the end of 2013, I cannot move forward without acknowledging the victories of this past year so I’m sharing them with you with hopes that you will know like never before that we are all on the same journey, experiencing the same struggles as we strive to leave our mark on the world so that when someone reads our obituary – all of the people we have impacted will say ‘She Was Here’!

Paris Is For Lovers!

Paris Is For Lovers!

I rang in the New Year in Paris with the love of my life at midnight show at The Crazy Horse!  Paris is always so inspiring to me creatively but this visit was unlike any other trip and I know it was because I experienced it with my soul mate.

Made For TV!

Made For TV!


I taped a guest appearance on ABC’s 20/20 for a special called Wedding Confidential marking my first prime time TV appearance of the year.  It was such a fun experience and reminded me that I do have a place on TV…I just haven’t found the right vehicle.

The City of God!

The City of God!


My husband was working on an assignment in Brasil so I was able to tag along and experience life in Rio for a few weeks.  Of all of the places I have traveled, Rio is the most culturally familiar region I’ve encountered.  Everything about it was amazing and I cannot wait to return.

Asian Persuasion!

Asian Persuasion!


After finishing in Brasil, my husband headed to China for an even longer assignment so once again I packed my days and spent a month between Shanghai, Beijing and Thailand.  I know that my design perspective is so broad because I’ve had an opportunity to experience life in so many other regions of the world.

High Knoll

High Knoll


Once back in the US, it was back to business and I finished the interior design of my largest residential project to date.  12,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor space for one of my long-time celebrity clients.

Tamra's OC Wedding!

Tamra’s OC Wedding!


I joined the cast of Tamra’s OC wedding and worked with Tamra Judge to design and produce her wedding to Eddie Judge – which aired on a Bravo as a 3-part special.  Tamra was so much fun to work with and I’m thankful for her trust and faith in my organization.


Speak. Inspire. Dream.

Speak. Inspire. Dream.


I continued to travel the world speaking and inspiring others to boldly walk in their own truth and use their unique differences to carve out their own place in the world.  Mexico proved to be my most frequent destination but other highlights included Watch What Happens Live, Essence Music Festival, Megafest, Icomex and Restoration Weekend.  2014 already includes scheduled appearances in Ecuadaor, Dubai and Greece and I’m so thankful that God continues to increase my territory.


I started two new businesses – one that is a signature line of Products For The Home that reflect my design aesthetic and commitment to luxury living and the second one is an anonymous venture that does not require my popularity or tenure in the design world.  The second venture is the one I predict will be the most successful despite design being my first love.  Only time will tell but I’m proud that I’ve taken the steps toward major change in my life.

4 Years and Counting!

4 Years and Counting!


My husband and I celebrated our 4th anniversary at home hosting an intimate dinner party in which I was able to express my creative vision without any rules or the need to please anyone else.  There was such freedom in this exercise for me because my dreams to work in a creative capacity are so visceral and passionate because they are rooted within the depths of my soul in a place that no one or nothing will ever be able to separate them from who I am.  So whenever life allows, I go to this place and bask in the possibilities of where my gifts can take me.

Lola's New Boyfriend!

Lola’s New Boyfriend!


God delivered such a special joy when my daughter Riann gave birth to my only grandson.  Meet Qatazap Porter!  I never thought I could love another human as much as I love my daughter but he has brought so much unspeakable joy into our homes and life and he was a welcomed major change!

So once again looking back gives me great hope for tomorrow and the year ahead.  I’m super thankful for the DVLW team – Cece Counts, D. Michah Lindsey and the countless freelancers and creative partners that help me create magical moments for clients around the globe.  There is more change on the horizon but the future is still bright because I know that if I am willing to put my dreams in the hands of the dream maker then I know He (God) will only continue to do exceedingly and abundantly above all that I can hope or think.

Join the Diann Valentine family and share some of your accomplishments from 2013!


Until next year,

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  1. Page Stroud says:

    Thank you so much for sharing with the world your life. I know 2014 will bring many more blessings for you, your family and your team.

    Here’s to a bold 2014!

  2. Nichole says:

    God has given you the Victory already, You WIN!!! May God continue to bless you this year and I pray an explosion of his favor on your life, family and business!

  3. Jarvis Lawhorn says:

    Happy New Year Mrs. Valentine!!! Thank you for giving us glimpse into your amazing blessings in 2013. Can’t wait to see the amazing things that will happen for you in this New Year!! Much love to you, your family and your entire staff.

  4. Jeff says:

    Looks like an amazing year!

  5. Diann,
    You continue to amaze! Continued success and a great 2014 awaits you. Stay in the light!

  6. Thank you for sharing! Continue to be an inspiration. xogs

  7. Sarah D. says:

    Such an inspiring post! Thank you for sharing. This post was a great reminder that setbacks and disappointments only strenghten us to appreciate whats truly important in life. Your grandson is adorable! Wishing you much success in 2014! :)

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