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Flaunt Your Flavor!

This week’s video tip is about selecting the menu for your wedding reception.  Gone are the days of playing it safe with your menu by trying to accommodate everyone’s taste buds as today’s celebrations are all about offering your guests a few beautiful surprises to tantalize their senses.  Have a look!


So do tell – how are you planning to break tradition and choose a menu that is risky, original and fun?  Please join the Diann Valentine family and share it with us all!


Keep spreading the love,

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3 Responses

  1. Gloria Wilson says:

    I hope to have steak and shrimp at my wedding.

    • Diann Valentine says:

      That’s a great choice Gloria but why don’t you explore Braised Short Ribs and Shrimp Scampi…you may find it a bit more tasty. Congratulations!

  2. Denise Bonds says:

    I should have made this video myself – I say this offen to my clients ” select a different menu, your guest will love it” Thank you Diann for this video.

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